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Johnny Thompson: Live Video Q&A

Johnny Thompson Live video Q&A: The Great Tomsoni:

International Stars of Magic & Comedy

johnny-thompson 2


Johnny Thompson and his wife Pam make up The Great Tomsoni:  And they make up the greatest magic consulting persons there are in the past decade! Join us fr a read into their star-studed clientel and learn about one of magic’s true icons!

To describe Johnny Thompson the best, we’ll refer to this quote: “Tomsoni is to magic what Victor Borge is to music… Simply hilarious!”
— Jim Parker, Las Vegas Revue Mirror



Johnny Thompson AKA: The Great Tomsoni & Co. are versatile performers with a background of music, magic, comedy and drama.

johnny thompson 7



As Penn and Teller quoted about Johnny Tompson: “When we need inspiration, we call Johnny. Nobody makes us prouder to be magicians. His technique is so subtle that you can’t admire the moves; it doesn’t look like there are any moves — it looks like magic. Fortunately, Johnny’s not just one of the most skilled (and funniest) men alive; he’s also a great teacher. He’s mined the best material and refined it over decades of performance under all conditions in theatres, night clubs, cruises, trade shows, and TV. When Johnny shows you how to do something, you know you’re learning from the real deal.”
— Penn & Teller

Recent Clients and Work:

Off-Broadway’s newest hit show “Play Dead”

Penn & Teller’s “Fool Us” on ITV in England

David Blaine

Criss Angel Mindfreak

Shaquille O’Neal’s “Shaq Vs…”

Tribute to Johnny Thompson:

By Fielding West


Fielding West, Penn & Teller and Tomsoni ; Johnny Thompson first and always is one of the only people I’ve ever met in show business that I could totally rely on.
He’s trustworthy … never revealing secrets outside our profession.

He’s loyal to his friends. He’s helpful to all magicians seeking to perfect themselves. He’s friendly to millions around the world. He’s courteous beyond belief. He’s kind, he’s obedient… if you don’t believe me, ask his wife. He’s cheerful, thrifty … (it’s possible…) and brave… ask his agent. He’s clean, ask his hairdresser. He’s reverent … but don’t ask him for any money for the church, see thrifty.

I think what I’m really trying to say, is that Johnny Thompson is not only Poland’s finest magician (as if there is a long line of these guys).

About Johnny Thompson:


Johnny Thompson (born c. 1934 )Las Vegas illusionist who performs under the stage name The Great Tomsoni with his wife, Pamela Hayes. They have a comedic slapstick act with the well-dressed Johnny Thompson and his gum-popping assistant, Pam, performing illusions while enduring a series of mishaps. Within the magician community, Tomsoni is considered a virtuoso, widely known as a mentor and teacher of magic, and a creator of tricks, as opposed to simply a performer. He has worked behind the scenes with magicians such as Penn and Teller, Lance Burton, and Criss Angel. In 1999, he was awarded one of the highest honors in the magician community, a Masters Fellowship with the Academy of Magical Arts.




Along with his wife Pamela Hayes, he performs a slapstick comic magical act in which he plays the role of a dapper but buffoonish vaudeville gentleman, with a gum-popping assistant, and they endure various mishaps during their performance. One of his trademarks is producing pure white doves on stage, which are trained to play along with the act once they have appeared.

He has been featured on many episodes of Criss Angel’s Mindfreak, the “Hair” episode of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit!, and the film The Aristocrats. His wife and assistant, Pamela Hayes Thompson, was featured in the film Women in Boxes about magicians’ assistants.

Magic Consulting and Directing:

“I have learned more about magic from Johnny Thompson than from any other source in the world. Now you, too, can learn from the master!”
— Lance Burton

Day 2-17 Johnny ThompsonJohnny Thompson, in the capacity of magic technical adviser, consultant and coach has provided material for several television productions including Hart to Hart, Fantasy Island, One Day at a Time, Beyond Westworld, Shaquille O’neal’s series Shaq Vs…, Criss Angel’s A&E series MindFreak and Penn & Teller’s Showtime series Bullshit, as well as their recent English ITV series Fool Us. His film credits include Michael Ritchie’s new film version of Off-Broadway’s longest running musical, The Fantistiks, Norman Jewison’s family film, Bogus, Turner Broadcasting’s cable release, Houdini-Believe and the Siegfried and Roy 3-D Imax film, The Magic Box.

As a theatrical special effects designer and consultant he has invented and presented a variety of unique optical illusions for trade shows, industrial shows, theme parks, musicals and plays. Bush Garden’s Williamsburg production of “The Ghost of the Globe,” a Shakespearean fantasy with over thirty-five unique special effects, was Thompson’s initial venture into theme park attractions. Many of his original optical illusions and special effects techniques have been featured in theme parks, The Smithsonian Institute, Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry and hundreds of trade shows, including the White House Conference on “The Industrial World Ahead Congress.” He currently is the magic consultant and special effects designer for Off-Broadway’s newest hit show, “Play Dead.”

Johnny Thompson has written and produced several magic-themed revue shows for the Nevada gaming industry. Among them were “Excitement 79″ for John Asquga’s Nugget in Sparks Nevada, “Les Sorcery,” an award winning magical revue for Reno’s Club Cal Neva and “Kaleidoscope,” a black-light revue for the Las Vegas M.G.M. Grand’s hotel & Casino’s “Grand Adventures” theme park.


As a magical consultant and illusion designer he has written, developed and provided material for magicians Siegfried and Roy, Penn and Teller, Doug Henning, Lance Burton, Criss Angel and David Blaine. John was a member of the magic staff for Penn & Teller’s “Sin City Spectacular” cable series and one of the writers for the Lance Burton magic specials. He’s penned the instruction sheets for Marshall Brodien’s TV Magic Cards and TV Magic Sets and recently completed the illusion designing, consulting and directing of all the magic sequences for the Sun City, South Africa extravaganza, “Beyond Belief,” which completed an unprecedented two-year run.


Find out much more on Pam and Johnny Thompson by visiting their website – The Great Tomsoni & Co.

Joshua Messado Live Video Q&A

Joshua Messado Live Video Q&A:

The Many Types of Magic that Joshua Messado Performs:

Joshua messado 1

Close-up Intimate magic -

Originally, just dubbed as close-up magic, this is a more appropriate term. It refers to magic performed for just a few people, not more than ten. The people are just next the magician. This is magic performed at close quarters. It uses smaller props such as cards, coins, rings and money.

joshua messado album

Stage magic-

This refers to magic performed on a stage or platform. It is performed to a larger audience and props used here are larger. This type of magic is usually performed to music or to patter. Often, illusions are also part of a stage show.  These are two large props used in stage magic; the Lady in Half’ & the ‘Zig Zag Lady’.

joshua messado 4

Parlour magic-

This term is for larger crowds than close-up magic. You are still on the same performing floor as the audience.  Parlour audience’s are usually not more than 50 people. Props that might be used here are a bit larger than regular size. Good examples are  jumbo cards, rope, large coins and cups and balls. These props are great for  family shows, dinner and dance, nightclubs, etc.

joshua messado kids

 joshua messado kids 2

Magic for children-

Amidst the most  colorful of props and exciting magic you’ll find magic for children. It is highly interactive, mind stimulating, entertaining. It can be the highlight of your next birthday party or family event. Magicians often combine their variety arts to spice up the show. Some of the complementing arts include: Juggling, Balloon sculpturing, Clowning, Ventriloquism, Puppets.

Joshua Messado Montage

The MessadoRings:

These rings are built to Joshua Messado’s exact specifications  We went through over a dozen prototypes until the seamless, carbon black rings were, in his words, ‘just perfect’. The Messado Rings are unlike any other rings you have seen.  They have a larger gauge, but smaller circumference than other close-up rings.

The rings are forged from a custom alloy that bonds to the finish. This ensures a rugged construction that stands up to hundreds of ring clashes a day. They are precision weighted to deliver an exact center of gravity. And  is crucial for moves like the Centrifugal Link.
Messado gives the rings the prestige they deserve. From his eloquent speech to his top-hat and coat, even the name ‘Mr Messado’ commands respect. So we ditched the mock velvet bag that rings are usually carried in. Instead we designed a stylish black carrying case.  With the Messado Rings logo appearing on the case, it’s finished with zippers shaped like the rings inside.


When it comes to teaching, Joshua Messado holds nothing back. Even if you’ve never touched a key ring in your life. Joshua Messado will have you performing like a master in just a few hours. He teaches his full routine, from start to finish, From the most basic single link through to his wrap-up flourish display, it is in stunning and meticulous detail.


The Messado Rings
Messado Display
The Key Ring


Spectator Routine
Wrap Up Routine
Live Performances


Key Ring Link
Double Rings Link
Centrifugal Link
Flipping Link
Silent Link
Quad Link
Spinning Jumper Link


Basic Unlink
Spectator Unlink
Silent Unlink
Centrifugal Unlink


Matrix Spin
Impossible Jumper
Karate Kid
It’s not often that we are totally blown away by a trick. Especially where the method is so universally known. But in Messado’s hands the linking rings stop being a ‘trick’. They become something we never thought could be said about rings, they become cool.

Add the Messado Rings to your arsenal today. You’ll be glad you did.

You’ll find them on The Ellusionist website!

John Tudor Master Magic Featured Member Post

John Tudor Master Magician Featured Member


About John Tudor Master Magician:

john tudor 1
John Tudor Master Magician and his heartwarming magic has been enjoyed across North America professionally since 1987. He appears in theaters and television, for Fortune 500 companies, and for schools and conferences. His shows are a “magical journey”, an energetic mix of imaginative stories and state-of-the-art magic.

John Tudor and his  magic are born out of passion and theater; and by pulling rabbits out of hats, he seeks to bring out the magic in everyone. His magic secret is his way with the audience. Everyone becomes part of a performance that “not just entertains, but leaves the audience with opened minds.
“The audience gasped with delight at Tudor’s stylish magicianship.”

Experiments in Magic Theatre:

john tudor blog logo

John Tudor is editor of Experiments in Magic Theatre, The online version of the column from The Linking Ring magazine, the journal of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. This blog is to expand on the articles, except that no secrets will be revealed.


Magic Class Formats:

The magic workshops are highly flexible, running from 1 to 3 hours, either single program, or multiple weekly visits, with or without show, etc. (No week long residencies) Can do very small or very large groups, plus have magic staff who can do classes as well.


Begins with a performance by John Tudor, closes with performance by the students. Tudor uses magic & humor to gain and hold attention, then teaches simple tricks that require a process of creation and imagination by the students. Adaptable to any group, all materials are either easily obtainable, or provided by John.

“John, your lessons touched and changed the lives of our youth. It was one of the best events we’ve ever had, thanks for the inspiration.” -Eddie Moore,  Olympia Learning Center

The Magic Is In You:

The program is designed to convince your students to:

Stay In School
Stay Off Drugs
Resolve Conflicts
Deal with Gang Issues
Make Right Choices
Avoid Negative Peer Pressure

john tudor 2John Tudor created The Magic Is In You!® program after recovering from a tragic event: being shot and left for dead by a pair of young muggers. Magic coins in his pocket miraculously saved his life. It became his mission to see that other young people don’t fall into this dangerous behavior- and so this program was born.

“Great Job! John is very personable, down to earth, and does not talk above the children’s heads. One parent reported that her five year old said “I know, Mama, I have the Magic In Me!”
-Lisa Hightower, Congaree Elementary
The “magic” in the title is the ability of every person to learn and make right choices. Interactive audience segments actively involve the students, and Classroom Discussion Guides allow the teacher to magnify the experience. Motivate and inspire your students with award winning magic and powerful personal testimony.

“Your show was perfect! The points you brought out correlated 100% with our conflict resolution curriculum; the faculty and administration were pleased, the children talked about it for days.”
-Francis Patterson, Ast. Principal, Petersburg Middle School
Convince your students that they can think for themselves and make positive choices. Encourage students to respect themselves and others, resist bullying, avoid substance abuse and peer pressure, and have a dream.

“To use ‘Magic’ to get and hold the attention of more than 500 teenagers, while presenting a positive, proactive message that reinforced our drug prevention program, is quite a skill.”
-Ed McDowell, Principal, Marion High School

Corporate Magic Reviews:

john tudor 3

“John Tudor has a unique way of drawing from the audience and he encourages interaction. With a bit of briefing, he was able to include some of Symtech’s ‘inside jokes’ and made everyone feel at ease. We enjoyed his performance (standing ovation) and received many compliments from our employees. We highly recommend him for your organization’s entertainment!”

-Marlene Lankford, Symtech, Inc.

“Everyone really enjoyed the show. Your humor is wonderful and your skills superb. I am still baffled by how you got that star out of the round paper! You were the highlight of the conference!”

-Donald Silberstein, Global Connections

“Your performance kept the audience spellbound. In my fourteen years with MCEC, I have never seen an audience as quiet and attentive as they were for your performance. With a crowd of over 5,000, it’s difficult to find entertainment that is pleasing to everyone. But you succeeded!  Adults, children, bankers, and farmers were captured by your mystic.”

-Jan Bonette, MCEC

“Your performance amazed and surprised the people…they were impressed, informed and entertained, and I’m convinced our image improved.”

-Alan Wirt, Marketing Director, Datacare

“John did a stand up comedy magic show for our Christmas Banquet,  and was very well received by the large audience. I especially remember that he solicited information from us before the show to get personal details on our company/employees to make the show “fit” for our particular event, which was great! “

-Caroline Brazell, State Farm Insurance

“As the keynote speaker, you were the perfect touch to kick off our conference. Participants thoroughly enjoyed your message, and I don’t think they can get over the “magic”! We were all very impressed…best wishes for continued success in bringing “magic” into everyone’s lives.”

-Cookie Grafton – Volusia Conference

“John is a ‘Class Act’ and goes far beyond the usual magician’s capabilities. Thanks for a tremendous performance and a professional approach.”

-Peter Burroughs, Coca Cola

“I liked his attention to detail, reliability, high degree of organization, professionalism…and I’ve never seen an audience so wowed by an entertainer.”

-Vickie Patterson, Director, Manufacturer’s Alliance

john tudor 4

“John Tudor is an excellent example of a modern day wizard. His magic is artistic, entertaining, and astounding as he weaves his message and stories within every presentation. He challenges your perception, stimulates your imagination, and excites your world of possibilities with his magic. As instructor, John uses everything bit of his technical knowledge, theatrical skill, as he captors the emotions to get his message across. His knowledge of the voice and stagepresentation skills are extremely useful in completing the performance of any magical production. I was happy that John agreed to participate in our workshop and pleased with his presentations and insight.”

-Steve Hart, Magic 2 Motivate

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and was mesmerized by your work, it was hilarious and unbelievable.  I truly believe that if everyone were as professional, considerate, and friendly as you the world would indeed be a better place.”

For more in depth information or contact details visit John Tudor at:

-Gale H. Cone, Carlisle Tire




Sleight School Special Offer

Welcome To Sleight School

A little back story

Since the start of The Daily Deception we have changed how the site looks the things we cover and ever logos and how we do things. As it will continue to change over time. However the biggest change came mid 2013 when we decided to expand to a network format. What this format allows is for new sites and ideas to be spawned from one hub. It also allows for certain advantages with updating and management but the real advantage is that now we don’t have to make The Daily Deception 100 websites. Now we can just create a new website for a new venture. Sleight School.


Although we are no longer covering news as we used to (mostly because it’s so very hard to get the actual truth), we will still be posting ideas and articles and even videos to help keep your drive in the magic community strong. We will be offering certain products that we either produce or that we believe in, as well as special offers from events that we run.

Since the start of this site we’ve wanted to produce an environment where we could share ideas about magic and performing and other fun thingsin the magic community. We initially thought about starting a Facebook type website in order for magicians to stay connected. But honestly what for? That has already been established and its called Facebook, Twitter and countless other social networks. So we ditched that and began focusing on how to make a real difference. For months we spoke to some of the best magicians in the world about some of our ideas that we wanted to bring to fruition. And after looking and listening to the responses we have the first one completed and is already up and running!

Welcome to Sleight School

Sleight School Banner

For years I (Xavior Spade) have done my absolute best to become the best magician I could be. I have taught many magicians in the best of my ability and when it came time I could teach them no longer did my best to guide them in the right direction. Aside from my passion for magic I have a passion for teaching. I like to help, to create the next generation of greats, to put myself aside to help others get to where they want to be. That being said for too long I’ve watched magicians work on sleights and magic in general and frankly there is just so much missing. Some things I can help with and other things I cannot. So I decided to do something about at least one aspect of the issue. Mostly because so many others have had the same complaints. So I began forming the structure for a long term project that would go beyond anything I could ever accomplish alone. I began Sleight School.


Sleight School is my answer to a few problems :

sleight school

Understanding that there are many books out there, there are just as many people who do not have access to these great reference materials. And if they do they don’t know about it. Aside from just having instructional videos we will also reference anything that can guide people to great material covering other things. I wanted a way to build a bridge to the past that showcases some amazing things that may have been forgotten or overlooked.
I wanted to get away from just being another “Trick Mill” I found that a lot of the companies producing magic just missed some of the most important part of their tricks, teaching proper technique. Sleight School only focuses on sleights and the theory behind them. There is NO one perfect way to do something so we try to show how we do them, by we I mean myself and the other instructors. We offer what works for us, the things we notice go wrong and how to fix issues for yourself.
I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me (Xavior Spade). I have been very fortunate to call some of the best magicians in the world my friends and after telling them my mission I have had nothing but support. So because of this I will be featuring some of these greats as instructors to teach what they do best.
I wanted to engage those who already did magic to inspire them to go for the next level and to stop settling for less. I want to no longer hear phrases that just don’t matter like “It works for laymen” I feel we are professional and as such should take a bit more pride in what we do.
I wanted to have a place where people could start from. A place with correct technique and if they couldn’t afford to pay still give them a great learning opportunity
That’s why I started Sleight School.

I encourage all of you to join Sleight School if only for the free membership, we are constantly adding new content by some of the worlds greatest magicians, as of the time of this writing we have Chris Wiehl, Kainoa Harbottle, Tony Chang, Xavior Spade, and Jeff McBride on the bill to teach. As time goes on there will be more.




Kent Wong – FCM Member of the Week March 13,14

Kent Wong Member Of The Week:

All of the Administrators here at Full Circle Magic  are proud to show off members with Kent Wong integrity and expertise! Our admin team is always noticing that Kent is most active in the threads where he can share his experience, & wisdom, to other magicians in need of advice. We feel he is a true Mentor to the group as a whole, as well as an all around class act.   Allow me to introduce you to Mr.  Kent Wong!



 “I would just want to thank everyone at for making me feel so welcome within the community. I hope I can use my time here to assist others whenever I am able, and to continue the positive and supportive atmosphere that thrives on this forum.” Kent Wong

Visit Kent at


Kent Wong is one of the most sought after entertainers in North America. With numerous appearances on national television, he is also a two-time, international Gold Medal Champion and a member of Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle.

Kent has astounded audiences with his unique brand of magic and humour for over 35 years. From strolling magic to banquet shows and grand scale illusions, Kent has done it all. He’s just as comfortable entertaining a small group of employees as he is in front of 2000 corporate executives.

If you’re looking to make your next event an overwhelming success that will be remembered for years to come, Kent Wong is the Magician for you.

kent big

Kent Wong has entertained countless audiences with his astounding magic for most of his life. With each passing year, his passion and commitment to the art of magic continues to increase. Here are some of Kent’s highlights:

Kent Wong became the only magician hired by the Province of Alberta to help celebrate the Province’s centennial birthday.Established one of the largest magic societies in Canada, dedicated to raising the bar for magic as a true performing art.

  • Kent Wong was awarded two International Gold Medals in recognition for his outstanding performance at the Pacific Coast Association of Magician.  Profiled on national television for his ongoing contributions to the art of magic. Performed for Canada’s Olympic Gold Medal Champions and at the closing celebration of Canada’s Special Olympics.

Invited to become a member of the world’s most exclusive private magic organization – Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle.

  • Worked with local charities to produce the largest live magic show in Canada’s history.
  • Produced and debuted Oriental Fusion, a full-evening show combining oriental culture with western-style illusions.
  • Kent Wong can bring the joy and excitement of this festival right to your doorstep. Kent Wong continues to perform an average of 180 shows per year for a large variety of individual clients, corporations and government bodies. Some of the clients Kent has been privileged to serve include:
  • Corporate Organizations

  • Canada’s Special Olympics
  • Onion Lake Cree Nation
  • CISN FM 103.9
  • Rutherford Elementary School
  • Sinatra Engineering; Green Century
  • Joe FM 92.5
  • Royal Alberta Museum
  • Kiewit PCL Joint Venture
  • West Edmonton Hyundai
  • Standard Life of Canada
  • Law Society of Alberta
  • East Side Mario’s
  • McLennan Ross, LLP
  • ATCO Electric,
  • ATCO Gas, Edmonton
  • Western RV & Marine
  • West Edmonton Mall
  • Bishop & McKenzie, LLP
  • Indigo Books (Canada)
  • Intuit Canada
  • Alberta Treasury Branches
  • St. Bonaventure School
  • Jean Forest Leadership Academy
  • CORE Laboratories Canada
  • Ronald Harvey Elementary School – EPSB
  • Edmonton Northlands
  •  Charitable Organizations

  • kent wong 3
  • Hair Massacure
  • The Small & Mighty
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Canadian Diabetes Association
  • Kids With Cancer Society
  • Stollery Children’s Hospital
  • Government Organizations





  • Province of Albert
  • Edmonton Area Council
  • Municipality of Wood Buffalo
  • Municipality of Anzac
  • City of Cold Lake
  • City of Leduc
  • City of Edmonton
  • Town of Beaumont
  • Canadian Forces Base, 408 Squadron
  • MFRC – Wainwright


Phone: (780) 907-6273


Wayne Goodman Live Video Q&A

Wayne Goodman Live Video Q&A:


  About Wayne Goodman:wayne-goodman-shadow

Wayne Goodman is a very popular magician for events and functions all over the UK. Wayne Goodman has a unique style of comedy & magic, combined with lots of audience participation has taken Wayne Goodman all over the world from Las Vegas, Cancun, Crete, Scandinavia and Spain.

Wayne Goodman is very busy performing for many different audiences including Weddings, Dinners, Receptions, School Proms, Staff Award Events, Business Promotions, Product Launches, Trade Shows & Exhibitions, Bar Mitzvahs, Fund Raisers, Training Evenings, Birthday, Anniversaries, Holiday Parks, Family Shows, Functions & Events.

Wayne Goodman stands out from other magicians due to his fun approach to entertaining mixed with his amazing sleight-of-hand. Wayne Goodman has the experience and ability to make your next event a SPECIAL event.


2013 Wedding Industry Awards comments, why did you book Wayne?wayne-goodman-cartoon

January 11th, 2013

“I booked Wayne because I had seen him keep a whole resturant entertained during the busy school holiday periods. If 1 person can keep that many children interested in something for more than 2 hours, i was definately booking him! Adults loved him, my family certainly did. His tricks where very current and kept me guessing all day! He has a very good sense of humour too, i think that really helps towards the whole act.”

“Have seen his magic before, knew how good he was and thought it would be somthing different to keep our guests entertained during the lull between afternoon and evening receptions. Very prompt response to our booking enquiry,good price & extremely flexible/accommodating with regards to slotting in with our reception timings.”

“brilliant magic, very approachable, friendly and makes you feel at ease and all round top bloke!!10/10”

“He impressed us with our initial meeting and we booked him in the spot!”

wayne-goodman-card“He impressed my dad so much at a wedding fayre and he came highly recommended through friends. He was value for money and we knew he would keep our guests highly entertained.”

“We needed someone/something to fill the gap between the wedding dinner and the disco, Wayne was referred to me by a close friend, one of the best decisions we made.”

“Extremely good value for money; offered flexible timing for the day, brilliant rapport via telephone calls and we were both very impressed with online video demonstrations. Furthermore, he was not pushy for a confirmed booking and allowed time for consideration. All of this supported by recommendations.”

“Because we wanted something different to keep our guests entertained!”

“We wanted something to give our wedding an edge somethig that people would remember as soon as we met Wayne we knew he was exactly what we had been looking for.”


wayne-goodman-flourish“To add an element of individuality to our wedding and to surprise and entertain our guests. Mission accomplished with Wayne’s help. He is brilliant!”

“We booked Wayne as I had seen him at a previous function and loved his personality and tricks.”

“To keep guests entertained during photographs”

“Value for money, personable, excellent magician and fun! He truly helped to make our day special.”

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Debbie and Colin

January 11th, 2013

Message: Hi Wayne just to say a massive thanks for your entertainment tonight for Ellies birthday party she was made up you came they are still doing tricks as i type so no early night for me ha ha!! will recommened you to all my friends and hope to see you very soon..

Best Entertainment 2013 wedding industry awards winner

January 10th, 2013

wayne-goodman-jedi“truely magical, made our day, captured guests perfectly from toddlers to grannys, would reccomend to everyone!! Thank you!!”

“Highly recomended … would be only too willing to hire hime anytime!”

“Couldn’t ask for better entertainment at our reception. Had a wide range of age groups and all were thoroughly entertained (everybody commented how amazing he was). Very professional, personable & fantastic magic. Would highly recommend him to anybody looking for a magician. Great value for money.”

“Wayne is a fantastic entertainer and he was without doubt the best value for money we spent on our entire day. Our guests thought he was fantastic and he was so easy to deal with and is clearly very passionate about what he does. My dad is a huge fan… Thank you Wayne!”

“Wayne was absolutely Brillaint. His services was so personal. Absolutly everybody loved his performance. The children were in awe of him the whole evening. It was a wonderful ice breaker for people that didnt know each other. He was punctual, smart, very very funny and just an all round great guy.”

wayne-goodman-profile“Wayne was excellent at keeping our guests entertained after dinner! Everyone has said how fantastic he was and that it was one of the highlights of the day. Not cheesy and predictable like many wedding entertainers. And, amused both the children and the adults! Perfect!”

“Really couldnt fault Wayne at our wedding on Sunday 26th August, everybody was amazed by him, he kept everyone entertained cant thank him enough would definitly reccommend to others!”

“Wayne was excellent. He rotated around our wedding party throughout the reception, everyone loved it. He also spent time going around the tables during the wedding breakfast, not at all intrusive. For those that were on tables where they didn’t know everyone, it gave them something to talk about.”

“We were blown away with Wayne from the first time we met him, on our wedding day he managed to keep all of our guests entertained his tricks were brilliant but also he is a really funny guy and everyone couldn’t stop talking about him. I will always recommend Wayne he is fantastic entertainer.”

“Wayne took ours and our guests breath away with his close up magic. He was brilliant and also very funny!”

wayne-goodman-character“Wayne was one of the highlights of our wedding, everyone loved him and the kids couldn’t get enough! I would 100% book him again. He was charming, funny, entertaining, clever, very talented and very good value for money.”

“Wayne was an outstanding all round package incorporating mind blowing magic and extremely well timed and suitable sense of humour. His rapport with the audience resulted in only the very best feedback from our guests and even accommodated for the Bride’s Nanna, who is visually impaired.”

“Wayne did a fantastic job of keeping all of our guests happy and entertained Wayne created an amazing atmosphere and all or our guests are still talking about how funny he was and how great his tricks were, I cannot recommend Wayne highly enough we are both very happy with the service Wayne provided”

wayne-goodman-wedding“I knew I wanted Wayne for our wedding within about 30 seconds of meeting him. A true professional, Wayne is very talented, professional and frankly, hilarious. Our guests absolutely loved him and I’m just disappointed I don’t get to have another wedding so I can book him again!!!”

“Wayne was the consummate professional. He arrived early,performed for 2 hours and then remained at the venue for at least another 2 hours performing close to magic tricks for whom ever. He appealed to all age groups 3 years – 80 years! He held a captive audience & was extremely good value for money!”

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Thanks Chris

November 14th, 2012


Hi Wayne,

Many thanks for Saturday night, you were brill! I have had many comments saying how good you were and what a nice fella.

Thanks again.

Talk soon.



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Ipswich Society of Magic Close-up Magician of the Year 2012

October 10th, 2012

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There is an I in Team

August 3rd, 2012

So you’re planning a motivational day? You have booked a couple of speakers for the morning session and planned a paint ball game for after lunch.

But what good does this do for the company as a whole?wayne-goodman-fan

I once heard that a good motivational speaker is like doing drugs, you get boosted up and excited and then you come back down to earth with a bump.

A leopard won’t change his spots and a lazy worker is still going to be a lazy worker after his 5 minute motivation high.

I believe that the way forward is not to motivate to work but to motivate to achieve. You need to change the mindset of the individual to get the maximum from the team.

You are going to hear that word a lot in this, ACHIEVE . It’s the centre piece to the whole Shazzam. Everything I do is aimed at achieving something, a goal, a result, a job or a new effect for my show. Even now I am hoping to achieve something with this very presentation.

Any team building activity that allows the individual to accomplish something for and by themselves means that the high lasts longer.

The more they achieve the more they see the benefits of working towards a goal or

1st scenario:

The Paint ball Game.

This is a very popular activity with companies for team building, but I feel for all the wrong reasons.

Everyone remembers when they got shot, how much it hurt and how good it felt to shoot the annoying guy or the boss. But does this motivate a team, does it allow each team member a chance to shine, to achieve, or does it allow the alpha members of the team to take charge and tell them what to do.

Be honest on your last paint ball team activity who allowed “Doris” the office cleaner to lead the confrontation to take the fortress, it was “Jim” the Alpha dog who led it and won because in these things he always wins.

A good team building day shouldn’t be about winners and losers, sure, a competition edge does give it a go getter feel but you have to remember that when you have a winning team, you also have 1, 2 3 or more losing teams, and if you’re in the losing team on 3 or 4 activities, what does that do to your motivation?

2nd Scenario:

The Bridge.

Each team must build a bridge that covers an space between 2 tables, using only the materials provided it must be strong enough to support a specific weight.

This is better because even though the event has both winners and losers, there is the opportunity for more teams to win, maybe they all do it, and maybe none do.  Also everyone can laugh along with the attempts at the end of the activity.

But still both these activity’s mean that at the end of the day you receive a superficial high that is forgotten as soon as it is received.

What about giving the gift that keeps on giving?

3rd Scenario:

It’s Magic.

Everyone knows that a good trick will fool, baffle and entertain the person or people watching it.

Now put it into the hands of an underachiever, let them learn the magic trick, to possess in their hands the ability to do something only they can do, and then allow them to share this prize with the rest of the team, without divulging the secret.

This scenario allows the person to achieve something tangible, something they can share but still contain, and something they can take beyond the workplace, to impress their friends and family.  In other words to give them something that continues to motivate the more they use it.

The Result:

By focusing on individuals and allowing them to grow, you motivate them to achieve for themselves, they see the worth in doing something right and the praise of the rest of the team when they present it.

wayne-goodman-pennThe result is longer lasting and more visible than a bus load of people on a bus covered in bruises and remembering that they have to be back in the office at 8.30 the following morning.

Learning magic tricks inspires and builds confidence, they are being led behind a mystic curtain to a world of the strange that few get to see.

They achieve skills that can be developed beyond the motivation day, they can do the tricks for their families or down the pub, and they continue to amplify the skills to others, sometimes indefinitely.

Now move this into the office, rather than the alpha team members taking charge and taking credit you allow the team as a whole to take charge and to take credit, team members feel the glow of success for themselves as well as for the team. This has to be good for everyone.



Paul Gordon Live Video Q&A

Paul Gordon Live Video Q&A:




live Q&A


Paul Gordon (born December 1961) is professional close-up magician, entertainer, stage magician, author, lecturer and tutor. He was an associate member of The Inner Magic Circle. Paul Gordon is also a long-standing member (since 1976) of the Sussex Magic Circle and member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.


Reviews and Comments about the Paul Gordon Gold Dust books

“Thanks for the drafts of Gold Dust. I’ve read and tried most of the tricks. Yeah! Stunners! All stunners, my friend. Real strong kick ass material!. Your pal, JC.” - J. C Wagner

“Sensational. Simply sensational. Highly recommended!” - Penguin Magic

“Paul Gordon calls it Gold Dust, but it’s really a solid block of gold! If you are a card magician then this should be on your bookshelf.” - Phil Shaw (MagicSeen Magazine)

“Gold Dust’ is very probably the best card magic book I have ever read. There are so many incredible pieces, I hope it will cement Paul’s reputation as one of the greatest card men the world has ever seen. I have already got more from this book than all of the Lorayne and Marlo books I have combined.” - Thom Bleasdale

“Paul Gordon is an enthusiastic and energetic performer of card magic and indeed he has been a professional entertainer for over twenty years. You will know his style of performing if you have ever attended his lectures or workshops. He makes the crucial point in the Introduction to this book that ‘the tricks are mostly just the “nuts and bolts” of magic. The real magic is the way you perform them and the way you engage your audiences.’ Wise words from someone who can speak with considerable experience. All the effects are with ordinary cards. There are no fake cards or strange set ups to worry about. The effects are strong as you might expect from someone who makes his living from performing card magic. There is no doubt that with the right amount of work every card magician will be able to find a great deal of commercial material in this volume. As such it must be greatvalue for money.” - Roger Woods (

“OMG! Okay, it’s the title of one of Mr. Paul  Gordon’s tricks but it’s also my feelings toward the book. Oh…My…God. Gold Dust is now my favorite card book of all time. Wow!” - Fernandez Bonarte (New Orleans)

“I’ve read hundreds of card magic books. None can touch Paul Gordon Gold Dust. Truth be told…I think all the tricks are more than Gold Dust! Just brilliant!” - CardNut (The Magic Cafe)

“Mr. Paul Gordon has given the magic fraternity a masterpiece. If you like card magic, you will love Gold Dust. To be honest, it’s extraordinary. The Magic within is stunning. Highly recommended.” - Peter Salarno (Murphy’s)

“Paul Gordon Gold Dust is nicely bound and I found much to like in this collection. And, if you don’t already own Paul’s other books (and tricks) then I’m sure you will too!” - Peter Duffie (MAGIC, June 2013)

“Paul Gordon card magic (from Gold Dust) is straight to the point and kicks like a mule. I currently do more of Paul’s effects than any other magicians.” – Gary Jones

“I probably use more of Paul Gordon material than any other magician! STARTLING material” – Lee Smith

“In recent years my love of card magic has become somewhat jaded. However, Paul Gordon recent book Gold Dust is starting to rekindle my love of cards. It is a large tome which contains a treasure trove of inspirational material (150 effects in total plus a chapter on useful moves) and, to be honest, I can’t put it down. You don’t have to go beyond the first effect (‘Head to Head Poker’) to find gold. I shall certainly be using this. Many thanks Paul for a cornucopia of wonderful card magic.” – Roger Curzon

“I have spent all day reading Paul Gordon Gold Dust. My prediction is that it will soon be recognized as a classic of card magic. Quite frankly, it’s brilliant. I have only tried the first ten tricks, but each one is jaw-dropping. Wow!” - Kyle Stammer (Gibraltar)

“Stunning to look at, stunning material. My God this is a good book!” -Peter Baford

“Paul Gordon Gold Dust is destined to become a classic. He’s given it all away here. His best stuff…and now my best stuff! Gonna be using a lot of it from now on. Awesome!” - MagicMan (The Magic Cafe)

“In my humble opinion, Gold Dust is the very best book on kick-ass card magic ever. Jeez, this is awesome material.” - Sonny Green

“Gold Dust by Paul Gordon is wonderful. There is no other magic book that looks as nice or that contains so much stirling magic. Mr. G has given the fraternity a gem. Highly recommended.” - Peter Frank

“Oh yes. There is no denying it. Mr.Paul  Gordon Gold Dust is THE ultimate in commercial jaw-dropping card magic. It’s a beautiful book, too. Highly recommended.’ - Peter Samuelson (Penguin Magic)

“Simple truth is that Paul Gordon Gold Dust knocks spots off all other card books of recent years. In fact, of many years! It contains the best worker card magic you could wish for! Brilliant.” - Magic Mag


Paul Gordon’s Gold Dust – Featured Member

 Paul Gordon’s Gold Dust – Featured Member

Paul Gordon (born December 1961) is professional close-up magician, entertainer, stage magician, author, lecturer and tutor. He was an associate member of The Inner Magic Circle. Paul is also a long-standing member (since 1976) of the Sussex Magic Circle and member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.



Paul Gordon 2013 New










Paul Gordon is noted as one of the most popular entertainers (with cards) there is. As an entertainer/magician, he performs on a regular basis all over the world. Among other magicians, Paul Gordon is known for his books on card magic and memoirs of other magicians (Edward G. BrownPercy Naldrett and Victor Farelli), as well as reprints of out-of-print classics by Ralph HullRusduckEd MarloStanley Collins and Eddie Joseph; all published by his company Natzler Enterprises.

Paul Gordon’s books, tricks and dvds have received critical acclaim from the likes of Boris Wild, Jon Racherbaumer, Jamy Ian Swiss, Peter Duffie, Harry Lorayne, Jim Sisti, Aldo Colombini, David Regal, Stephen Minch, Max Maven, Tom Craven, Alan Shaxon, Walt Lees, J.C Wagner, Shawn Farquhar, Nick Trost, Mike Powers, Roy Walton, J.K Hartman, Paul Green, Paul Hallas, Jack Parker, Bob Sheets Alex Elmsley, Jack Avis, Steve Beam and many others.

Paul In Sweden

Walt Lees (editor of Abra) said of Paul Gordon’s popular lecture (for other magicians), “Paul Gordon held some fifty people enthralled as he demonstrated some items from his books. In situations like this, his command is phenomenal. With his showmanship and personality power he makes card tricks entertaining and meaningful… he has them hanging onto his every word – not just for a few minutes but for an hour or so! Paul has all the attack of a Ken Brooke or a Rovi! Watch Paul Gordon [perform] on his “Card Startlers” DVD to see what proper card magic looks like and the response it gets.”

Boris Wild said of Paul Gordon, “It is rare to see a magician who can entertain an audience that much with just a deck of cards. But Paul Gordon is one of them! His shows are as funny as the magic he performs is strong. Paul perfectly knows what the spectators enjoy and deliver it to them with great humour and killer effects!”

As a professional entertainer, Paul Gordon travels the world entertaining at weddings, parties, dinners, banquets, receptions, trade shows and all types of corporate hospitality. Although he has worked for royalty and celebrities, he enjoys entertaining the general public most of all and his citations show that he’s one of the world’s very best close-up magic acts. “I’ve seen numerous close-up magic acts in my time and have worked alongside many. Paul Gordon truly is one of the best in the biz. He entertained at a party of mine and was both magical and enjoyably witty!” - Matt Monro

Aside from publishing and performing, he teaches & coaches other magicians (tuition & lectures) on the art of sleight-of-hand card magic. His Card Capers Day Of Magic is legendary. For eight hours, Paul Gordon entertains, lectures, performs; and the energy never wanes! He also teaches actors and technicians for film, television and theatre. In 2004, his hands were on a television commercial on Showtime Arabia. And, Paul was on Channel 4 T.V in 2005 on a show about a bespoke family. Paul gave personal tuition for actor Mark Benton for his new television series Fallen Angel. 2010 saw Paul Gordon on Channel 4s “Morning” show and Paul has recently closed 2011 by entertaining on Regent Cruises South Seas Mariner; the finest cruise line of all.Paul Gordon has also been featured in many newspapers and magazines including The Financial Times, The Stage and The Daily Mail. Details can be found on Paul’s website.  For the magic fraternity, Paul Gordon has lectured (since 1992) all over the world; Tannen Magic Jubilee (1997), The Magic Circle (4 times), The IBM Convention, worldwide provincial clubs, The Berlin Symposium (with Tommy Wonder) and at 4F’s (FFFF) in New York (2008). He has also entertained & lectured in Ireland, The USA, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Germany, Nice, Monaco (the ‘legendary’ Magic Stars), Rome, France (FFAP), Belgium and Copenhagen. Lecture Surrounded

Since 1979, he has contributed dozens of card tricks and routines to GeniiThe Linking RingMagicApocalypsePrecursorThe ConjurerAbacusLaBalThe BudgetAbracadabraThe Magic Circular, and Onyx magazines and also to books by Peter DuffieAldo Colombini and Harry Lorayne’s Best Of Friends, Vol. 3.

Paul Gordon has been a member of The Sussex Magic Circle since 1976 and was awarded Associate of The Inner Magic Circle in 1995; where he lectured a staggering five times. (He was the very first close-up lecturer in the then new headquarters in Stephenson Way in the late 90′s.) He is also a longstanding member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Paul Gordon also provides personal magic tuition (he has tutored over 300 magicians since 1989) and is also in demand as a motivational speaker. His hobbies include big-band singing; which he once did professionally alongside his work as a magician.

Paul Gordon’s Gold Dust Books are possibly the best books on worker card magic – powerful card magic – to by published since Lorayne’s Close Up Card Magic. Brilliant material.” – The Magic Café (Tony Cummings)
Gold Dust Comp
“The Gold Dust Books of Paul Gordon are really quite excellent. Nearly 300 of the strongest workable card tricks you’ll ever find and the books look gorgeous too. Highly recommended.” – The Linking Ring, Peter Danvers Gold Dust
“Paul Gordon and his magic? Well his magic is as strong as his shows and lectures. I really love his Head To Head Poker (and many others) from Gold Dust.” – Boris Wild
Paul Gordon – Magician and Entertainer
Magic Services and Supplies
Published works; Books
  • The Paul Gordon Lecture Notes (Natzler Enterprises, 1985-87)
  • Lecture Notes, Two! (Natzler Enterprises, 1991)
  • X-periments (Natzler Enterprises, 1993)
  • X-periments II (Natzler Enterprises, 1993)
  • The Card Magic Of Paul Gordon (Natzler Enterprises, 1994)
  • Paul Gordon’s Card Thoughts (Natzler Enterprises, 1994)
  • Paul Gordon Strikes Back (Natzler Enterprises, 1994)
  • Trilogy (Natzler Enterprises, 1994)
  • Nocturnal Creations (Natzler Enterprises, 1996)
  • Protean Card Magic (Natzler Enterprises, 1997)
  • Cause and Effect (Natzler Enterprises, 1999)
  • Card Magic Miracles (Natzler Enterprises, 2000)
  • Professional Card Magic Miracles (Natzler Enterprises, 2001)
  • Card Magic Companion (Natzler Enterprises, 2003)
  • 13 Easy Card Tricks (Natzler Enterprises, 2002)
  • Edward George Brown; A Magical Life (Natzler Enterprises, 2005)
  • Pack Up Your Cards Vols. 1-3 (Natzler Enterprises, 2005)
  • Card Trickery (Natzler Enterprises, 2005)
  • Card Conjuring (Natzler Enterprises, 2005)
  • Percy Naldrett; Conjuror & Poet (Natzler Enterprises, 2005)
  • Marlo in the United Kingdom (Natzler Enterprises, 2005)
  • Victor Farelli; A Magical Memoir (Natzler Enterprises, 2006)
  • Eddie Joseph’s The Complete Dumbfounders (Natzler Enterprises, 2006)
  • Explorations (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)
  • Card Collective (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)
  • Ralph Hull’s The Complete Eye-Openers (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)
  • Carbon Footprints (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)
  • Cardistry (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)
  • The Second 16th Card Book Vol. 1 with Tom Craven (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)
  • The Second 16th Card Book Vol. 2 (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)
  • The Keeper Card Book with Tom Craven (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)
  • Stanley Collins’ Card Conceits (Natzler Enterprises, 2008)
  • Cool Card Stuff (Natzler Enterprises, 2008)
  • Rusduck’s The Cardiste (Natzler Enterprises, 2008)
  • The Unplanned Card Book (Natzler Enterprises, 2009)
  • The Real Secrets of Card Magic (Natzler Enterprises, 2009)
  • Card Marvels: 54 Impromptu Card Marvels by Paul Gordon (Natzler Enterprises, 2009)
  • Gold Dust (Natzler Enterprises, 2013)
  • Gold Dust Companion (Natzler Enterprises, 2014)

Videos & DVDs

  • Paul Gordon – Deck in Hand (1989) VIDEO
  • Paul Gordon – Powerful Impromptu Card Magic (1996) VIDEO
  • Paul Gordon – Powerful Impromptu Card Magic Vol 2 (1998) VIDEO
  • Paul Gordon – Live In Action (2005) DVD (2 Discs)
  • Paul Gordon – 16th Card Book DVD (2006)
  • Paul Gordon’s Card Startlers (2009) DVD (2-Discs)
  • Paul Gordon’s 35 Really Useful Card Sleights (2009) DVD (1-Disc)
  • Paul Gordon’s Card Rarities (2010) DVD (1-Disc)
  • Paul Gordon’s Blockbusters With Cards (2011) DVD (2-Discs)
  • Paul Gordon’s Killer Card Stuff DVD (2013)

Marketed Tricks

  • Twin Peeks, Dazzler, Triple Kick Monte, The Red Herring, Psychedelic Foursome, Jim Nastic Jokers, Emulsion Cards, Boom Baby Boom(er), The New Magician’s Insurance Policy, No-Tear Pads, The Made Her Veil Mystery, Credit Card Theft, The Killer Observation Test, ‘Effin Cannibals, The Dog’s Bollocks, Copwak, Spectrum Strikes Back, Sex Games, Jeepers Creepers, Bamboozler, TKM Ultra Deluxe, Bedazzling Colours, Killateral Damage, Copwaked, Apex, FlimFlam, YKM, Flushed Oil Slick, OMG!, Killer OMG!, Find The Lady, TKM Ultimate Deluxe, The Ultimate Sting, All Backs Triple Kicker, Oil & Water Rainbow, Four Card Fooler, Carnival Con, Sa-VIle and Corner of Piccadilly.


Kozmo Koz live video Q&A


Kozmo Koz was born Ted Brainard in upstate New York. As a child, he was endlessly fascinated by the art of magic and at age 9, he made magic his hobby.

In the early 1980s, Brainard worked at Cornell University as a broadcast engineer. Brainard found himself unhappy in his career, discovering there was no passion in what he was doing and felt he needed a change.

One day he heard about a street festival and wanted to see if he could make some extra cash performing card tricks there. Unbeknownst to him, Brainard made out like a bandit. In just three days, he raked in nearly two thousand dollars.

In a state of disbelief in how much money he had accrued, Brainard wanted to test the streets out once again. So he brought his bag of tricks with him to the streets and performed – and again he yielded great results. Kozmo Koz was about to take his childhood hobby and turn it into a professional career.

Brainard went back to Cornell University to quit his job in order to pursue his career in street magic. He decided to seek out the best in the art of street performing, so he set his sights on legendary street magician Jim Cellini.

He had heard Cellini was performing in New Orleans at the time, so Brainard took a 4 day road trip from New York to New Orleans to meet the master. Cellini delightfully took Brainard under his wing and began training him in the late 1990s through 2003.

Brainard, under the teaching of Cellini and the instruction of Gazzo, adopted the stage name Kozmo, and went on to become one of the world’s top street magicians.

He has also been the biggest voice in promoting Cellini’s name in the United States and one of the biggest in promoting busking through various media.

In 2006, he started a company called “Kozmo Magic,” which is recognized as one of today’s premier magic video production companies.

A year later, he launched “Reel Magic magazine,” a conjuring magazine sold in video format. The magazine is jam-packed with exclusive interviews, magic trick reviews and tantalizing articles. “Reel Magic Magazine” continues to be the benchmark in the video magic industry.

In December 2008, he used his earnings in busking to create a two-disc DVD set entitled, “Tales from the Street,” which teaches the successful secrets of working and entertaining on the streets.

Aside from lecturing, performing and working with new artists, he is currently focused on the continual improvement and quality of “Reel magic Magazine.”

Thanks to



The Sliver Card Monte
Review by Connor George




This offering from Dan Cain is a reimagining, as you may guess, of the three card Monte classic. Adding a seemingly impossible transposition that is set up right at the beginning of the effect and the reveal can be done from the spectator’s hands!
Without letting the cat out of the bag in too big a way, the gimmick Dan teaches is really clever, it’s so clean you’d probably get away with passing it out for a quick inspection (at the performers discretion as to whether the gimmick is passed out). It can be made with stuff from mostly around the house and if you are in the habit of making your own gimmicks you will definitely have everything you need to make this.


The trick works great as a standalone effect. But I think “The Sliver Card Monte” would be an absolutely killer ending to any 3 Card Monte routine.


Without too much in the way of patter included in the instructional video, once you learn this it really is a pretty blank canvas as too your presentation. One thing that’s for definite though, this trick gets unbelievable reactions, consistently.

 By Connor George