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Wesley Negron Member of the week

Member of the week for August 9th Wesley Negron!

Wesley Negron gained an interest in magic at the age of 10, which was the year 1988. He flirted with it on and off until he reached the age of 25. He worked a security job in New York at a residential complex. One of the young teen tenants would show him the vanishing hanky effect all the time. That awoke his curiosity and he began to pursue magic on his own.


From about that time on he began to learn tricks and perform them for his friends and family. One of his inspirations was the famous David Blaine. He continued to practice magic as a hobby for several years. He fell in love with sleight-of-hand card magic, and that introduced him to his next big influence.


At around the year 2005 or so, he came across card magician Paul Gordon’s website. He was fascinated by what he saw and purchased several of his books. Wesley became a big fan of his and purchased every one of his books that was available. Wesley loved Mr. Gordon’s realistic, no-nonsense, practical approach to entertaining with cards in real world settings. No pipe dreams or “bedroom tricks”.

From studying Paul Gordon’s material, Wesley also became familiar with Harry Lorayne’s card work. Paul Gordon also inspired Wesley to get out there and begin making money with his magic. Wesley always thought of the idea as nothing but a pipe dream. However, Mr. Gordon made it seem doable and a goal worth pursuing. Wesley began doing small paid gigs in late 2011. He’s nowhere near a full time professional today, but he got the ball rolling. He performs strolling magic at local charity events, small house parties, and larger celebrations at dining and catering halls. He’s currently in the process of offering a children’s show as part of his available services.

I, Welsey Negron, thank the admin staff at FCM for considering and bestowing on me the honor of Member of the Week. It has been a pleasure to be in this group ever since I joined it. It is full of very helpful, wonderful, and knowledgeable people. Thank you all.



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The Social Deck By Soma: Review

The Social Deck by SomaThe Social Deck by Soma

Review By Edward Mann

Rating: 5 Stars

Level: Intermediate

Target: Magicians who perform card magic or close-up magic, that really want a strong way to engage the spectator and build rapport

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Win Paul Daniels Bravura Signed

Peter Hart and competition.

Paul Daniels Bravura
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Michael Kent Live Video Q&A

Michael Kent Live Video Q&A:

(The video has only audio for interviewer due to technical difficulties)

Michael Kent
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FCM Reviews Pocketed

Pocketed by Bob Solari (Creator of Compressed and Hell Bent)

Available for $19.95 at

An easy, no palm, signed card to pocket effect!

An easy, no palm, signed card to pocket effect!



Review by FCM Admin Nick Young

*From the website:

“A card is freely selected [no force] from a deck. This selected card is signed by the spectator. This signed card is returned to the deck and the deck is mixed. The performer snaps his fingers over the deck and states “your card has vanished from the deck”. Performer points to his right jacket pocket and says “wouldn’t it be amazing if your card was in my pocket?” Spectator is asked to reach into this pocket and remove the single card. Spectator removes the card and turns it over.

Printed on this card are the words, “your card”. Performer apologizes for the bad joke and says, “seriously, wouldn’t it be amazing if your card was in my pocket?” Performer points to his left jacket pocket. Spectator agrees and reaches into performers left pocket and removes a single card. Printed on this card are the words, “sorry… Wrong Pocket”. The performer points to his jacket breast pocket. Performer shows his hand empty and removes a single card which he hands to the spectator. This card reads “No! The inner pocket!”.

Performer shows his hand completely empty and reaches into his inner jacket pocket and visibly removes the selected signed card!

Specially constructed props makes this miracle a reality!
*Important* This effect requires NO PALMING! Complete with all necessary gimmicks and specially printed cards, photo illustrated instructions.

Alternate ending also discussed. Bob has been personally using this effect in his walk-around and table hopping work and the reaction has been phenomenal!”

The Effect: After a few comical miscalls of location, a spectator’s signed card appears in the magician’s inner jacket pocket!

The Gimmick: A well made system that hides perfectly, with one component in plain sight!

Teaching is detailed in a photo-illustrated pamphlet.

A no-palm signed card to pocket? Yes, please!

This effect relies on a very clever utility system that remains camouflaged, perfectly, along with your own natural personality and means of audience management and misdirection.

Pocketed is a very funny routine that ends with their signed card in your inner jacket pocket! No palming, no sleights, no duplicates, no stooges, no kidding! Pocketed will rock their socks off!

If you have been looking to add a card to pocket effect that uses no palming or sleights, this is the one! I rate this a 10!

Adam Wilber Live video Q&A

Adam Wilber live Video Q&A


Adam Wilber

adam 2New Hampshire magician, Adam Wilber has been studying and performing magic for over 27 years. Adam has been a passionate student, performer and creator of the art of magic ever since he learned his first trick at the age of 6. Adam graduated from CCV in Burlington VT with a degree in Education and is currently Project Manager of the worlds largest website for magicians, href=”” target=”_blank”> He was last performing magic in Vermont where he ran Fox Magic. Adam is known as “The Worker” in the magic community because of his canny ability to work into any room and “work” his audience into a frenzy. Adam has created numerous highly acclaimed products for sale to the magic community. These products can be viewed and purchased HERE.   Adam now resides in New Hampshire with his Wife Natasha and son Carter Blake.

adam 3In Addition to Manchester, NH, Adam Wilber Magic will travel to …
Bedford, Merrimack, Auburn, Litchfield, Londonderry, Goffstown, Derry, Hooksett, Amherst, Chester, Candia, Hudson, Mont Vernon, Nashua, Windham, Milford, New Boston, Sandown, Bow, Concord, Hampstead, Hollis, Raymond, Suncook, Salem, Weare, Atkinson, Danville, East Candia, East Hampstead

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Benzi Train Live Video Q&A

Benzi Train Live Video Q&A:

2 BenziOr as Benzi Train is better known: Studly the Magic Dragon. For obvious reasons.

Benzi Train is an avid card man and student of Erdnase. Ben’s inspiration comes from many sources: his love of art, movies, and even other magicians. And you can see these passions shining through his presentations and even some of his methods. They say you can’t become a great artist without adversity. Well, Ben’s Canadian, so he’s got that covered.

1 benzi

Benzi Train is a great magical thinker. He doesn’t just create tricks. He truly thinks them through. He can explain every choice down to the subtle placement of a pinky finger. It’s rare to find a great performer who can also explain the theory so well. But that’s why we brought him on board.

Benzi Train hails from Toronto and is a co-founder of Jacks of Our Trade.

You can find his magic here:
Bold Assembly

Patrick G Redford Live Video Q&A

Patrick G Redford Live Video Q&A:

“Most mentalists are looking of that “holy grail” of mentalism. That one effect that is really magic, the one effect that is ‘real.’ Patrick Redford has come as close as it gets…” – Banachek1 patrick 2“Patrick G Redford” was born out of necessity in 2004 as a pen name of a Michigan based performer after being asked to lecture to a group of performers. While it is no secret as to his real identity, Patrick prefers his publications to be kept well away from the Google Monster when clients and the mere curious google after a show.”Patrick” is “Redford’s” real name, in fact his middle. The surname “Redford” stems from the town he spent his first thirteen years of life. The “G” is better left alone. Redford has made a career with his unique Mentalism and has caught the ears and minds of such notable folks as Banachek, Derren Brown, Keith Barry, Marc Salem and many others. He has advised and created custom projects for some of the top names in our field and continues to produce a wide array of material that is considered to be among of the “best of the best.”Redford has appeared at a variety of conventions around the world from IMX and Mindvention in Las Vegas to South Tynside’s International Magic Festival in England. He’s been seen on Finnish and American television and performed on stages throughout the USA, Canada, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and China.To date Patrick has published just under twenty-five magic publications as well as contributed to many other books and projects to date. 1 patrick
Closing QuoteI am a fan of Patrick Redford.’ Those eight words sum up, in very simple terms, what I think of the creativeness of this individual. But to leave it at those eight words lacks the essence and complexity of who and what Patrick Redford realy is. Patrick Redford is a very unique indiviual who looks beyond the boundries of any box he is place within. Through his effects he continously creates a new kalidoscope of imaginanary worlds that we, as mystery performers can thrive within. When you take a walk with this teacher the impossible becomes possible, the lost becomes found, and the past becomes the present. Time stands still within his hands and is molded into imposible scenarios that become a reality that most could never imagine. Patrick Redford is a maestro at taking the mundane and pouring new life into it. I am always amazed by his creation of creative walkways that enter zones that no other has been able to fanthom. His staircase is always a floor longer than any others that have been created before and as a result we all can reach higher in our entertainment goals. I continously find myself giving this artist a standing ovation for causing us all to take a closer look at each and every piece we perform. “I use Patick Redford’s Ideas in my show.” These are another eight words that convey, in no small terms, what I think of the creativeness of this individual. His thinking is just that strong.Closing Quote—Banachek

Justin Miller Live Video Q&A


i jmMaybe it started when Justin Miller was performing in Las Vegas with Lance Burton’s show at the Monte Carlo. Maybe it was when he delivered his first magic lecture at 13, or managed a magic shop at 15. Maybe it started during his first shows, held in his garage when he was 7. Justin Miller really can’t point to a time when he hasn’t had a fearless attitude about magic. “It did not come overnight, but it did come easily for me,” Miller said. “I have no idea why; it just did. That’s not to say that in the beginning, 13 years old or so, that I was not shaking every time I performed for anyone, because I most definitely did!”  1 jm 3

The more Justin Miller performed, the more confident he grew in what he showed. That confidence bred an attitude to try anything and everything in order to get more astonishing reactions. Made to shake foundations: Justin Millers BOLD Project filled with his most evocative, astonishing effectsJM is regarded as a pioneer in this new era of modern close-up magic on the Internet and the creator of a long list of well-reviewed effects. Despite those high marks, Miller’s biggest reputation is in performing fearlessly, courageously in a number of magician-unfriendly situations.

Noisy bars. Busy streets. Dangerous districts. Miller takes ‘em all on. It’s that drive to perform that powers The BOLD Project, filled with tricks that he said shouldn’t work, but do. Volume 1 was released this week; two more are due in the future. Miller said that the project started from a passion to show the magic community the effects he uses on a daily basis — the ones that he relies on to produce POWERFUL reactions. “These effects weren’t created to sell,” Miller said. “They were created to shake foundations and disturb thoughts.”

1 jm 2 And Justin Miller gets those results from a wide variety of spectators, from willing participants to downright ornery and difficult borderline hecklers. For instance: During the first night of shooting the project in New York City, Team E was barely out the door when Miller spotted a loud group of six or seven people. “Bingo,” Miller said. He performed for the group — during the performance, they talked, yelled, joked, and even snagged the cards out of his hands and shuffled, dropping some on the ground. Unfazed, Justin Miller finished a card to shoe routine (taught on The BOLD Project) — AND BLEW THEM AWAY. If you haven’t seen it, the full performance is on YouTube. “Those guys are EXACTLY what I deal with on a weekly basis,” Miller said. “I love those guys. They fuel me, put a fire in me that I use to burn them.” That fire is what BOLD is about, he said. He calls The BOLD Project his defining project; the one work he hopes to be remembered by.

1 jm 4Filled with effects engineered to get shocking reactions, incredible insights and philosophy about performing and much more, the project reveals a side of Miller that he has kept to himself — until now. It reveals the subtleties and details that has enabled him to perform some of the most bald-faced, daring, brazen moves — all in pursuit of that magic moment where reality changes for a spectator. “This project really shows a side of me I have never let anyone see,” he said. “But I knew it was important to be super-transparent if I was going to do this project, in order for the community to believe that these effects, methods and presentations … will not just work, but will become staples in their own sets, I knew I had to show that side of JM that I keep only to myself: my drive, my power, and ultimately my life force.”

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Valentin Kosanovic – Member of Week

3 valentin

Member of the week

. What a great honor. I couldn’t believe it when it was announced to me! So, I introduce myself.
My name is Valentin Kosanovic, and I live in Bellegarde sur Valserine, in the east of France. I’m actually a student, so I would say that I have more time to put into magic!
So, what got me into magic? This was two, almost 3 years ago. I was watching TV, and there were advertising. So I changed the channel. And what I saw actually blew me away. Someone changing the color of a card, guessing a name, sealing a can… I just couldn’t speak. That was a fantastic moment. A moment of intense wonder. And the question I had in my mind when the show finished was not “how did he do that?” but more “How did he make me feel like that?”. The day after, I walked in a supermarket and saw a book that explained a few basic tricks, bought it. Few months later, I came to watch my first magic show with Jad Helal, a local magician that learned from Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride, performed a trick in front of him and… This was the beginning of a long story!

Vale1 valentinntin Kosanovic’s vision about Magic is that it is an art that must be shared.

The feelings I had during the TV show, I wanted to make 2 Valentinpeople feel the same. When I perform an effect, I don’t want to impress the spectator, because it’s arrogant and completely useless. I want them to feel that they witnessed a moment of mystery, a moment that makes them travel out of the real world. I don’t want them to think “Wow, how did he do that?”, but “Wow, I did that!”. Because it’s not the magician that creates the magic moment, it’s the people who see the effect with their eyes, and with their imagination. Magic is an art, and an art doesn’t exist without feelings.

How do I practice? In fact, I’m a man of obsession. When I want a thing, I will do all that is possible, and even more, to succeed. To give up is not a part of my vocabulary. In magic, when I’m practising a move (especially a gambling move because it’s so difficult to cheat at a card table!) I can repeat it thousands of times in the same day, until my hands are burning. And when they are, I keep going. I believe that in magic, you can’t reach perfection. It’s impossible. And that’s why you have to work hard to get better and better, even if people don’t see this work. No, they won’t see it, but yes, they will feel your passion. Also, magic is a community. I personally think it’s like a duty to help any magician that needs it, because you can’t progress without the advises of more experimented guys than you. There’s always a better magician than you, and this is an art in which you learn every single day.

4 ValentinI love magic the same way I fall in love with someone: it’s in my heart, nothing and no-one can delete it.

So, live for your dreams, and remember this: the word “impossible” was just created to be broken.