Magic Psychic Readings Australia

Have you ever wondered how a psychic can make an accurate reading? Some psychics are so accurate it can leave us with the feeling of damn how did they know? We at fullcircle magic understand that sometimes you need the answers. With our vast range of psychic readers, we are more than happy to share with you the client exactly how we got to our answers.

Do you psychic practice witchcraft?

None of our psychics practice witchcraft and people would be extremely surprised to know that in fact, the opposite is more likely. A high proportion of our operators are actually Christian and believe in God and Jesus.

Most who engage a psychic have a misconception that a reader will look into a crystal ball predict your future then do a deal with the devil to keep their supernatural abilities an ongoing thing. We are here to listen and advice every day of the week psychic readings 24/7 Australia.

Using Our Services

Simply dial 1800 544 233

  • All calls are $3.95 per minute no exceptions;
  • Look at our about us page and choose the psychic you think will be the best suite for your unique situation;
  • Accept that not all readings are positive;
  • Try to get the most out of your call by having your topic of conversation well thought out prior;

We have a no money back policy, however, we do have a complaints department, if you feel the clairvoyant has not provided accurate information we would love to hear from you so we can attempt to rectify the problem. Magic can help anyone recover please see us today for some real healing. We have many partners including Australian Horoscope readings. Contact us now for an amazing referral.

Are psychics fake?

This can be a massive topic if you choose to be negative about spiritual growth, clairvoyants are real and they also possess the power to heal, help and provide a loving environment in which you exchange money for healing. A psychologist nowadays costs around $200-$300 per hour we are on par.

None of our mediums or clairvoyants are fake and has all undergone the strictest of testing available for fortune tellers in the market. Our readings are real, accurate and low cost. We have many amazing recommendations, Robin King phone psychic reading …Psych-Hub, Elizabeth Rose, Life Reader just a few please contact our friendly operator for another recommendation should we not serve your country

We accept credit cards and will bill your call if need be to your card.

How often should I speak to a full circle magic reader?

When you start your journey of spiritual healing we recommend you contact your guide 2 times per week. As you settle and gain traction in your spiritual healing we advise to slowly taper the amount of contact down to a level that you are comfortable with. To talk to one of our operators is to take a major leap of faith and start believing in humanity, we give our word we will not disappoint or let you down.

Set your goals for x2 times per week, if you have the financials to support more contact we recommend do what you need.